SOA and BPM options disappear after SOA/BPM 12c QuickStart installation

Recently, I was working on a BPM Project in 12c when all of a sudden JDeveloper could not render the project composite and SOA components. After further investigation, when trying to create a New Project, the options to create a new SOA or BPM application disappeared!

I could not figure out what the root cause of this was but the solution for the fix was to install the Spring components via JDeveloper Updates:

1. Click Help --> Check for updates

2. Tick all sources

3. Tick Spring

4. Click Next to install the update

5. Restart JDeveloper

The SOA and BPM options should be back!

Yet to complete.


  1. Good Work Onkar... I can see you are doing well now....

  2. Thank you! This issue stopped all progress this morning. Your solution worked like a charm.

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