Part 1 - Send emails from Oracle BPM using Mail Activity - Weblogic EM Configuration

To get sending Emails to work from your SOA/BPM process, there is a mandatory requirement to firstly configure Weblogic Enterprise Manager (EM) so that it registers with your Email server.

Once it has been set up, when a send Email component is implemented, it will use this configuration at run time to Send/Receive emails successfully. Follow below steps to make the required configuration in EM.

Part 2 of this blog post shows how to implement sending Emails in a BPM process (Link)

This post assumes you have an Email Server running successfully in your infrastructure.

Configure Weblogic Enterprise Manager (EM) to register with Email Server

Log into Weblogic Server EM (localhost:7001/em)

2. Click on soa-infra:

3. Navigate to Workflow Properties via SOA Infratructure and SOA Administration:

 4. - Notification Mode: Select Email from the drop down.

     - Email From Address: Enter an email address that ends with your Email Server domain name e.g. This is the email address users will receive emails from.
     - Email Actionable Address: Same as above
     - Email Reply To Address: This is the reply email used when a user clicks reply on a sent email. If you do not support replies, then use something like

5. Click Apply.

6. Next, on the same page, click on Go to the Messaging Driver Page:

Alternatively, you can also get to the same screen via the screenshot below:

7. For the User Messaging Email Driver, click on the pencil to Configure Driver:

8. Now, the main field to populate is OutgoingMailServer. In this field, populate with the Email Server name.

Our test Email Server does not require a Username and Password, however, yours might. If so, populate OutgoingUsername and OutgoingPassword.

The rest can be left as default.Once completed, click Apply:

Note: The above changes will support only sending emails, not receiving emails. If you would like to support receiving emails, then values need to be populated for IncomingMailServer too.

9. Once the above changes have been made, do not forget to restart your Weblogic Server for changes to take effect. 

Once the server is back up, your server should be hopefully configured to support sending emails!

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