Web application URLs for Oracle Fusion Middleware stack components

Here is a useful list of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack Web Applications that are used to manage each stack component:

WebLogic server
- http://hostname:port/console

Enterprise Manager
- http://hostname:port/em

- http://hostname:port/soa/composer
- http://hostname:port/soa-infra

- http://hostname:port/integration/worklistapp
- http://hostname:port/bpm/workspace
- http://hostname:port/bpm/composer

WebCenter Portal
- http://hostname:port/webcenter
- Default port - 8888

WebCenter Content
- http://hostname:port/cs
- Default port - 16200

- http://hostname:port/sbconsole

- http://hostname:port/OracleBAM *

- http://hostname:port/apex (default port 8080)

* Case sensitive

Ensure you replace the hostname and port number with the correct server details. E.g. For a local WebLogic server with the default port number, URL would be http://localhost:7001/xxx

I may have missed some URLs out, so let me know if I have!

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