View ADF Application's Session Timeout value from Client Side using Firebug

Session Timeout value
The session timeout value of an ADF application can be modified in 3 different locations:
  • Weblogic.xml
  • Web.xml
  • Weblogc Server Console (Settings of the deployed Application)
The timeout value that is set is then converted to JavaScript and is attached to the Client side of the application, and when the inactivity duration reaches this value, the application ends the Session on the Client side. 

We can verify from the Client side what the value of the timeout attribute is using Firebug in Firefox. The add-on can be downloaded via the Firefox plugins. 

Once it is installed, you can access its functionality by clicking the Firebug icon:

The Firebug panel will be displayed at the bottom of the browser:

Verify Application Timeout value
To view the Application's Timeout value, navigate to your ADF Application in the browser and click the Console tab of Firebug.

In the bottom box next to >>>, enter the following: AdfPage.PAGE._timeout and press enter:

Firebug then returns the Timeout value in milliseconds and you can convert to a desirable format. 

This process is particularly useful to verify modifications that you have made with the Session Timeout value in the 3 different sections where you can modify them. Weblogic Console seems to only show the Session Timeout value for the particular ADF Application that is set in the Web.xml, so if you was to leave it as default and modify the value in Weblogic.xml, you would be unable to confirm the exact Timeout value. 

So using this method allows you to confirm the value from the Client-side.

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