Invalid column index error

After deploying my ADF application and navigating to a certain page, I have been faced with the following error message on screen several times:

The reason for this is due to the following scenario:
  1. Create an Entity Object (EO) from a table.
  2. Create a View Object (VO) from that EO.
  3. Now a new Date column has been added to that table.
  4. The newly added Date column is updated in the EO and VO.
  5. Now from the Data Controls, you drag and drop the Date field onto the page.
  6. Deploy the application and navigate to the page and now you are presented with the above error.
The issue: The above View Object (VO) query is not automatically updated and does not return the column that you are trying to show on the page. In other words, this is the equivalent of a Null pointer exception.

The solution: Manually update the VO query with the newly added Date query, rebuild and then re-deploy.

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